Spreadsheet Activity


For tonight's assignment you will be learning about spreadsheets.  Spreadsheets are very powerful tools that we will use all year long, so please pay close attention to this assignment!  We will also do a spreadsheet activity in class tomorrow and I expect you to be prepared.


Steps for tonight's homework:

1)  Open Learn About Spreadsheets PDF- Activity 1

2)  As you work on the assignment, enter your answers below.

3)  When you are finished answering all of the questions, hit SUBMIT and your answers will be automatically sent to me.  


** You will need to use a spreadsheet program to do this activity.  If you do not have Microsoft Excel or Mac Numbers on one of your home computers, then you can use the online spreadsheet located here.  http://sheet.zoho.com/home.do **


Please comment below if you have any questions so that I may be immediately notified via email.